fine wine

I've got big plans for the (near) future and you're in luck because you're in the front row to watch them unravel!

I'm Margaux and I am 20 years old, born on September 30th. (for birthday wishes, go here). I currently switch between Gent and Antwerpen as my home base but you can find me basically anywhere, except on rainy days. I've been in the web/graphic/something with computers business for about 5 years now, and I can't say I'm getting tired of it. In fact, I'm always open to new opportunities and things to try.

Branding & logo design, UI & UX, Frontend development, Backend development, Wordpress, Drone Projects, Cinematography, Photography

Here's the photography/ cinematography/ video stuff I work with: My KIT


photoshop illustrator experiencedesign html/css javascript wordpress